Behold! Barca’s Secret Weapons Of Mass Destruction At The Copa Lagos 2014


Copa Lagos is only midway and the heat is definitely on! Talking about heat, the Barcelona Cheerleading team absolutely give an entirely different meaning to the meaning of the word!

Yes, yes, we were on assignment to report on the competition but it gets a bit hard to concentrate on the tactics of beach soccer with these bevy of highly talented and nimble Spanish beauties hanging around the edges of the pitch.

They were a source of comfort especially to the Naija fans after the Sand Eagles went down in their very first loss in the Copa Lagos competition since its inception almost four years ago.

Did these hot chicks contribute to the loss of the Eagles maybe? Is this Barcelona’s plan to distract teams and officials with their band of romp-shaking cheerleaders? If it is then it is a very exceptional plan and it is definitely working!

Barcelona beat Stationery Stores 6:4 yesterday to qualify for the final.





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