Balancing Your Work, Life And Relationships


By Simi Onagowura

Managing your Life, Work and Relationship is not an easy task, in fact some people think it is not possible, some part would suffer, maybe work or relationship, but I personally think it is possible to balance your Life, work and your relationship.

Balancing life and relationships is totally different from balancing work and relationships.
Talking about balancing life and relationships, when you get into a relationship, both of you are coming from two different worlds, each bringing your goals, dreams, individual needs and combining to make one. In this situation, as time progresses in the relationship, however, one or both individuals might discover that they’ve sacrificed too many of their own personal needs in order to please the other, and in doing so, they’ve lost themselves in the process. This is sometimes avoidable:
There should be a You, Me and We;
The You and Me Part works like this, in a healthy relationship, each partner works to develop the best Self that they can be; they devote time to their individual hobbies, focus on their own personal growth and goals, and maintain friendships outside of their relationship. Creating goals for yourself and finding outside activities that bring you joy and a sense of fulfillment is vital to the health of your relationship. When couples each have a strong sense of Self, and then create the space to come together to share themselves with their partner, they enhance each other. In this case, they create a relationship in which the whole of their relationship is bigger than the individual parts.
The We part is different, do you carve out time to be with your partner? Or are you caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life? I can’t emphasize how important it is to make time for your relationship a priority. Relationships are like plants; if we don’t feed and water them, they will wilt and die.  Engage in individual activities that you each and make time to connect with one another on a daily basis in meaningful ways, however brief. Being mindful of balancing your personal needs with your identity as a couple can go a long way to keeping both of you happy and connected.
Extensive research on the subject of relationships and careers shows that people in successful relationships not only make more money, they’re healthier, live longer, and get more promotions than singles do. So how can you juggle your relationship, Life and your career?
Talking about balancing work and Relationship
Both your work and Relationship should be prioritized, that is do not let one fail for the other, do not have to give one up for the other. if you are at work focus on work, if you are with your significant other focus on your significant other, after all what is the fun of a promotion if you don’t have someone to share it with. Let work and your relationship have their own time.
Prioritizing doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing, it just means that you create a strong and healthy relationship for both your significant other and work. let them both know how important they both are, because you’re staying late at work doesn’t mean you would rather be at work than be at home, because you take a day off to spend time with him/her doesn’t mean work is less important. let there be an understanding of how special they both are to avoid future misunderstandings.
Having a successful career and a loving relationship are the best of both worlds. The only way to keep those two separate worlds happy is, just keep them separate.
When you’re at work, completely focus on work and the tasks you have at hand to ensure that at the end of the day you do something productive, don’t let your love life be a distraction, this doesn’t mean that you don’t take a few minutes out to talk to your significant other. you can send a quick message letting them know you’re thinking about them or even make a quick call just to see how they are doing.
While spending time with your significant other, do not spend half your time on your phone or laptop discussing work or working, you can take a few minutes to reply an email but that should be it, a few minutes.
This is also very important, You need to be able to Manage Your Time. A very common reason for job loss and relationship break ups is due to the fact that you don’t manage your time properly. Lets say for instance your career requires you work long hours or your to travel at the end of the month for a long business trip, why don’t you plan a weekend getaway right before this trip happens, at least you get to spend quality time with your significant other and this helps you alot when you are apart on this trip
Also when your back from this weekend getaway you go back to work energized and ready to kiss ass at your job.
Also remember to stay connected, if you know you have a job which requires your 100% attention all the time, take at leave 5 minutes of your time to make that significant other know you are thinking about them, send a message or even an email, but please avoid writing a novel, two lines would do the trick.
Think about all this and try to apply in your relationship, but remember I am no expert even though I know you can relate.
Also remember the most important person who has to be in every relationship, work and your life is God, and with Him all things are possible.
Please leave comments on if you agree or not and also if there are other ways you think people can balance their lives with work and relationships please share.



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