5 Things You Should Never Be Judged For


Lately, we’re constantly made to feel the need to apologise for every and anything, even for being our true selves. There’s been such an unattainable moral standard that makes those of us who fall short constantly prone to being judged for even existing. No, you don’t have to! Here are the things that you definitely don’t have to ever be judged for;

1. You really shouldn’t be judged for putting your self first: after all, this world is a survival of the fittest. Self interest should really come first before any second or third party interest, cause really, you should not displease your self at the instance of others. You owe it to your self to love, respect and give yourself the very best before learning to do unto others!

2. You shouldn’t be judged for being emotional, fearful and weak: yes, I am a feminist. But I think what makes feminism so encompassing, is actually acknowledging and appreciating the fact that as much as their are the strong and really fearless women out there, there really are the weak and fearful ones too. So, where ever you belong as a women, you should never have to apologise for being that way, because really, that’s what makes you you! 

3. You should never be judged for the things that make you happy: is it sex? Stripping, dancing or clubbing? You should never say you’re sorry for actually liking and enjoying these and so much more. After all, what A likes might be completely different from what B likes, so who made A’s preference a standard for all preferences?

4. You should never feel judged about your past: if a person genuinely likes you, then your past should never be a hindrance, because it really is in the past. And you should never be held ransom for the things you did in the past, and even when you’re, own up to it but never apologise.

5. Never feel judged for the way you look: are you short, slim, plus size or what have you. Just as you had no hands in picking who your parents are, the way you look is equally out of your control. Otherwise, we’d all look a certain way, and the words individual and person would never exist. You owe no one, I mean, no one, not even your self an explanation or excuse for how you look.



[via: Cosmopolitan]



Adebowale Caine

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