Adaora Mbelu Dania: Mogul In The Making

“I think you can be ambitious and manage your family responsibilities. Marry Right – not for superficial reasons. Find someone that will support your ambition, someone who genuinely wants you to succeed because they understand that your success is the family’s success. And when you find this person, don’t take them for granted. Handle your responsibilities. Schedule time for your kids — it doesn’t matter how much care and nannies they have, they will remember their mothers love. One thing i started doing recently is not answering my phone or checking emails after 9pm. It has helped me distinguish between Urgent and Important. If its urgent, its an emergency. If its important, it can wait a few hours. Ambition is great, but Family should always come first. If I had to choose, I’d pick my family over everything”.

Adaora 1

“The thing about disruption is that you don’t wait for people to be ready, the point of being disruptive is you literally just disrupt, and when you disrupt with an idea, a product or a service, what you do is basically create your own market”.

Adaora 2

“I believe in transferring skill and A2 creative is my way of transferring skills to people who are interested in learning what i do and how I do it”.

Adaora 3

“Trad (Style) is a comfort for me, it’s all about me waking up and not having not to worry about what to wear”.

Adaora 4

“I could use my skills to better what people are doing and  to contribute positively to the society”.

Adaora 5

“Be Patient and allow yourself to grow. Don’t give up on your 100th attempt, keep going. You’re not a failure, you’re simply evolving into the person you need to be in order to handle the epic things you’re designed to do”. #TrustYourJourney

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