Dressmeoutlet CEO, Olatorera Oniru Shares Her Experience With The Flux In Foreign Exchange

The flux in the foreign exchange has affected many businesses. Either positively or negatively, every business owner in Nigeria and Africa has been affected in terms of prices and importation of goods. A number of entrepreneurs may not be affected negatively, depending on where they get their products from, for instance, people who have their materials made within the continent.

Recently, we met Olatorera Oniru, CEO of dressmeoutlet.com, an online retailer for Fashion and beauty products.  Olatorera shared her personal experience on how business has been with them so far with the flux in foreign exchange. She went on to say:

Well, that’s one of the reasons why we are focusing on made-in-Nigeria wears, so it hasn’t really affected the business because we are working with retailers that are made within Africa



Goke Alabi

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