What If Nigerian Telcos Focused More On Customers Than Shading Each Other?


When the telcos first arrived Nigeria, their ads where solely based on promoting their brands and products without necessarily throwing dirt at their counterparts. Fast forward to present day, after the Saka saga with the infamous ‘porting’ from Etisalat to rival network MTN, it seems from there onward a line was drawn in the sand between the telcos.

That was a few years ago but it seems a new wave of shade-throwing has begun with the Telcos with MTN and Etisalat being at the forefront of this epic battle of ads. Spending huge budgets on production and acting talent, these brands are going at it toe toe with plot lines, punchlines and scathing innuendo.

The above video was a response to an Etisalat ad starring Hakeem Kae Kazeem and Genevieve Nnaji who interestingly were also receiving ‘Mission Coordinates’ from a command center. Although the video has been taken down from the Internet, you can still catch it primetime on most Nigerian TV stations. You can also read comments about the ad here. I can bet good money that somewhere some ad company is producing similar response ads for Airtel and Globacom.

While these ads are fun and all, it seems the age-old adage about “when two elephants fight, the grass suffers” rings very true. Although, in this case, we have 4 large elephants trampling the rights of its customers. Dropped calls, illegal charges, unsolicited ads, terrible customer service are the order of the day.

1. Unnecessary Deduction of Data



2. Sudden Disappearance of Airtime



3. Poor Internet Service



4. Poor Customer Care Service




5. Unsolicited Calls And SMS




One can only wonder if these telcos convert all the energy dispersed in strategizing on how to throw dirt on competition into providing better services for their customers, maybe they’d get better reviews about their services.



Goke Alabi

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