Can Show Business Fix Nigeria’s “Fantastically Corrupt” Image?

According to Isaac Geralds “We haven’t done exactly well with our image in terms of corruption and 419, but a lot of people are starting to see Nigeria from the stand point of entertainment a lot”.

So much dirt has been thrown on the image of Nigeria over the past two decades, as a result of the corruption in government, internet fraud a.k.a yahoo yahoo a.k.a 419 and other shady dealings by Nigerians home and abroad. But are we beginning to see changes in the way the world sees this country in recent times? Is the Nigerian entertainment industry changing all that?

Speaking to a couple of people in the entertainment industry at the Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NEC), they shared their thoughts on why they think the image of the country is getting better as a result of the Nigerian creative industry gaining more recognition outside the shores of the country and the continent at large. Do you really think they are right or not?

To watch the interviews hit play on the video above.




Goke Alabi

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