How Instagram Is Creating More Jobs For Nigerian Illustrators


“Your social media profile is an extension of your personality… be it an illusion or reality…for me instagram has really helped promote my works so much that I get commissions and responses in real time. I might not get 10000 likes on that picture …but I bet you that I get 2 to 3 business proposals… imagine if I advertise…the possibilities are endless”….. Collyde Prime. (Instagram: @Collydeprime)


I never knew Nigeria had so many illustrators (good ones at that) until i joined the social media platform, Instagram. However, on facebook some illustrators have been active there too, displaying their fine works, but how come some of us don’t see them? Why is it easier to spot their handiwork on Instagram?  

Instagram is Image-Centric

Instagram is a social media platform that is driven by images, more images than text; as a matter of fact your text can’t go without an image. So users get to see these illustrated images without too many words. It also brings out the creativity in the illustrator, because you have to pass a concrete message in one picture. Even Facebook and Twitter encourage users to share images rather than just text.



So here’s the finished illustration… #art #digitalart #sketchbookpro #photoshop #drawing #shoes A photo posted by Martin Avwenagha (@ufo_south) on

There are some cool illustrators out there some may not necessarily have a large number of following, but have claimed to have secured a number of paid commissions off Instagram, from people who have interest in their style of art.

“As an illustrator, Instagram has been very helpful, especially since I get instant feedback on my posts when I make them. It’s even helped me secure a number of paid commissions from people who have interest on my particular art style. Things can only get better”….. Martin “Ufo” Avwenagha. (Instagram: @Ufo_South)


Real Time Response

Real time response on instagram is quite different from other social media platforms. Like Martin said above, the ability for him to get instant feedback has helped him a lot. Unlike Facebook, the algorithm of instagram allows users to see a post as soon as it is posted, and get to like and comment on these posts instantly.

According to a research on, Instagram engagement is higher than any other social media platforms.


#conceptart #painting #photoshop #fantasy

A photo posted by Godwin Akpan (@akpangodwin) on

You can as well checkout some of these illustrators on instagram, @Seriiky, @Art_of_Akin, @Ayo_draws, @Akpangodwin, @Godwin4577, @Mumu_Illustrator.



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